People ask, what does EFGH stand for? Well, it is not a set of letters, it is not even a word. It is a place designed by Emmanuel to give people the freedom to do the best work of their lives for clients who get it.
Let’s build your brand

Our Services

Integrated Campaign

Emmanuel Upputuru is known for cracking big ideas. The kind that are extendable in every direction and media. And he comes at that idea with everything - from a big film to a gif and everything in between. Nothing is off the table.

Brand Identity

We love brands and building them is one of the greatest joys of being in this profession. Your vision is ready, so is your company. Now you want to focus on the brand. It’s the right time to connect with us for logo design, brand guidelines, stationery, livery and merchandise, and more.


Let's call a spade a spade. In the digital world, we understand that social media handles are like hungry mouths, dying for content. We have to feed the monster daily. It doesn't make sense to spend a quarter of a million dollars when you need quick, cheap and many. And if you need a big film, we have plenty of experience on big brands with big budgets too.


A website is your space in the world through which you connect with your people, partners and customers. We can help you create a new website - or revamp your current one - with clear navigation, compelling visuals, informative content, easy contact options, and a strong brand identity.

Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is one of the best ways to tell your brand story. It's a great asset to gift your stakeholders. We enjoy working on them too - marrying beautifully written text with visual poetry, creating a masterpiece of brand presence that will sit proudly on coffee tables for years to come. You just need the time and budget for it.

Lorem Ipsum

No. We don’t specialise in dummy text. We are leaving this service open for ideas that nobody has thought of yet. The crazy ideas, the ones you can’t quite put a finger on, the ones you haven’t quite formed in your head, the ones that defy categorisation. But once we create them, you will say, “Oh. That’s exactly what we needed.”

Brand Anniversaries

We are yet to celebrate our second anniversary, but we have already helped brands celebrate their centenary and silver jubilee. In fact, Emmanuel, in a previous role helped Nestle celebrate Maggi’s 25th birthday with a famous integrated campaign that was ahead of its time - “Me and Meri Maggi.” So, how old is your brand?


We find it a little amusing how these projects can sound a bit like assassination attempts. “We have to shoot so and so tomorrow.” Jokes aside, we have managed corporate shoots, celebrity shoots, product shoots and a lot more. From conceptualisation to Jpegs. In fact, we also shot Karisma Kapoor and Vaani Kapoor. And you’ll see that we always deliver killer results.

Social Media

Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, you name it - they are all animals that need to be fed to survive. Preferably daily. They are a brand’s daily interaction with their audience - and the only way to cut through the noise is to be quick, innovative, witty, sharp and memorable. #AndWeLoveDoingIt

Our clients

We have collaborated with a number of reputed brands in our short journey so far. We would love to see your logo here.


“Testimonials from our lovely clients are on the way. Obviously we will put only the nice things they say about us.”